Welcome to Rolling Prairie United Methodist Church

Welcome to Rolling Prairie United Methodist Church

Welcome to Rolling Prairie United Methodist ChurchWelcome to Rolling Prairie United Methodist ChurchWelcome to Rolling Prairie United Methodist Church

An Awesome Place to Worship

Let's make our community a better place!

Sunday Worship time

9 a.m. (cst)

Children's Sunday School APRIL 5, 2020


The link below will take you to Better Bible Teachers

Quarantine Sunday School Lesson 3 All under Control   

Children Sunday School, APRIL 5, 2020

     Click the link below to go to Video Page  

for Group Publishing's Sunday School Lesson  this week    "Jesus' Power is Unexpected"..  & Better Bible Teachers Youtube song  "Don't be Anxious" & Video Lesson "You and The Flowers."

Worship Services

Sunday School Lessons

Sunday School Lessons


Click the picture above to go to the Video Worship Services.. or If you have Facebook you can search for Rolling Prairie United Methodist Church in the search window and find a link to the Church Facebook page.. 

Pastor JoEllyn, Scott, Julie, Stefanie, Bette, & Neal will be here to do their parts in bringing you the 

Worship Service each Sunday while we are   

STAY-AT-HOME requirements for the state. 

Pastor JoEllyn will have a message for the children..

On Sunday March 29th, Stay in your Jammies, Grab your coffee, or juice, relax, settle back, Enjoy!!

Just don't get too comfy, with this arrangement, 

as we will eventually be able to come together once again, to Worship the Most High God...   

 We'll see you Sunday! 

It has only been two Sundays now that we won't be together to Worship & Praise God...

But it feels so much longer..

We miss you all... and are looking forward to once again coming together in face to face fellowship.

Take care out there!

Stay vigilante & Safe...

Sunday School Lessons

Sunday School Lessons

Sunday School Lessons


Click picture to go to  Group Publishing Video Sunday School Lesson for the Week...

Also on the Video page is Sunday School Song from Better Bible Teachers for their Lesson....

We will share Sunday School lessons for the children young & old, each week from Group Publishing & Better Bible Teachers.... 

Group Publishing has put together a Sunday School Lesson video, with an experiment & a song in the lesson, for each week..  

Better Bible Teachers is putting together each week a short lesson, "Quarantined Sunday"  that is parent (and kid) friendly. The  Youtube song video will be embedded on the Sunday School Lesson page... The pink link below will get you to the written part of Lesson.. Each lesson touches on the topics we are all thinking about right now and teaches kids what the Bible says about them. So whether or not kids are afraid of the Coronavirus they will all know what the Word of God teaches about Jesus power over disease and MUCH more! They are both offering them free in hopes it will meet the needs in the church community during these challenging days....

The lessons will change on Friday for the week. The week's before will be taken down. So be sure to watch before Friday...

Thank you Group & Better Bible Teachers... What a Great Outreach!!



The FOOD PANTRY will be open during the current CoronaVirus Outbreak…

   however it will be Drive through only.....Food Pantry will be open regular hours     

Every Thursday 8 a.m. to Noon (cst)  … 

NEW!!!         The 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month through May.      NEW!!!

Food Pantry will be open 5 – 7 pm (CST)

for those who can’t come during morning hours

Holy Week Services

Holy Week Service Schedule

April 9, Maunday Thursday 6:30 pm

April 10, Good Friday Service 6:30 pm

April 12, Sunrise service 6:30 am

Breakfast 7:30  8:15   *****  Children Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Worship Service 9 am


Vacation Bible School

Coming June



Mother Daughter Banquet has been postponed. A later date will be determined....

Coming June

Vacation Bible School

Coming June



UMW Treasure Outdoor Market

Saturday June 6th

9 am - 2 pm cst

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School


In planning stage

Details comin

Coming September

Vacation Bible School


Coming September

Coming September

Coming September



Saturday, September 19

More details coming.... 

Coming October

Coming September

Coming September




Date to be determined

Details coming

At Rolling Prairie United Methodist Church, it's our mission to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your family life. Join us each Sunday and experience the warmth of faith and the strength of our community. 


We are children of the one and

               only true King....  Through His 

            amazing grace we have been saved,

              made free, and changed.... 

We are community oriented and have several organizations that hold their meetings at our church.



Shine in the love of

 God's grace, every day.


Every Sunset gives us 

one less day to live, 

But with every sunrise God gives us one more day of Hope.

Always have faith and hope

for the best..

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Church phone number

 (219) 778-2910


 rpumc46371@frontier .com



Monday - Thursday 

9 a.m - 1:30 p.m (ct)

Pastor JoEllyn's hours:

Tuesday  & Thursday

 12 to 4 p.m (ct)

Pastor JoEllyn after hours

 phone number 


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