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  Prayer List:     

Arthur Schuck (home from hospital), Pam Dixon (white count low, no chemo til come up)Joe Knowlton (home after Stroke),  Susan Knowlton ((prayers for strength & peace & her own health issues)Bobette Elkins (surgery necessary on Shoulder again) Harold Carlson (waiting for new meds) Carrie Carlson, (prayers for strength & peace) Sharon Campos (3rd round of antibiotics for sore throat finally has her feeling better) Justin Sellers (36- in plymouth hospital, pneumonia/diabetes, sepsis, friend Karen Fitzgerald) Eli ( dehydrated, 3 month old great niece Shirl Sater), MacKenzie Boswell (home, recovered rupture appendix, Penny Melton granddaughter) Emily Chadwick (home rec.surgery sinus, Pastor JoEllyn granddaughter) Sharon Alger (spinal Surgery, aunt Patty Sardeson), Hunter (peace for him, as grandfather has cancer, co worker Pam Dixon), Bob McCleland (health issue, brother Karen/Ben Rison), Bruce Parker (skin treatments, Barbara Parker hubby), Vada Pulver (Cataract surgery, friend Pastor JoEllyn)  Kaitlyn Lullenberg (type A flu, Iva Wasielewski great grand-daughter), Penny Deru cki (Arthritis Flare-up) John Taylor (radiation treatments, friend  Jeremy Obenchain) Peg Zolman (doing good after stroke, Millers’ in NC) Charlie Tackett (leukemia, friend Shirl Sater), Shirl Sater (health concern), Adeleine Iwaszewski (health issues, mother of Paul/Sherry Iwaszewski) Pastor Phil Lutz (declining health), Dan Wheatbrook (Serious Health Issue, brother Tom/Jackie Wheatbrook) Chris Starnes (chip in a back disc.. Surgery upcoming, friend of Iva Wasielewski) Len Rompca (Heart Attack – 4 stents- St Margarets Hospital brother Wayne & Shirley Kirkham),  Sharon Strieter (lung cancer, friend Penny Melton, Jean/Bill Dare), Donna Cain (Immune Therapy treatments for breast cancer) Marguerite Schroeder (Millers for rehab, sister Mike/Deb Harris), Carrie Chadwick (health issues, Pastor JoEllyn daughter), Mike McCormick (leg & hip surgery upcoming, friend, Jeff/Bobette), Denice Boyce, (health concerns, sister Sherry/Paul Iwaszewski), Angel Primmer (8thgrader, diabetic -can’t stabilize- Rose Lenig) Joan Turvin (health concerns, friend Ann Riedstra)  

Brenda Loggins, (depression, Kathy Crass daughter) 

Corona Virus Concerns……

Children's Prayer Requests






God walks before us, behind us, beside us, and covers us always... 

It is a wonderful joy to be able to record the Worship Service to share with our church family to keep us connected during this difficult & uncertain time.. 

May you feel God's loving embrace holding you close during this time... 


7 You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

 "Yay God!" 







Mackenzie Boswell is home & doing good after ruptured appendix.. Granddaughter

Bruce & Penny Melton  

Bobette reported Mike McCormick can come off prayer list.. He says Thank you, our prayers worked.

She always tells us her brother Ed Haverstock

is doing ok... 

"Yay God!"





 Sharon Campos says she is feeling better.. 3rd antibiotic is finally helping...   

Dan Wheatbrook is regaining his strength. Is getting Feisty which is good sign...

"Yay God!"




 Children's Prayer Requests.. 

Prayers they get to be back in school

 with their friends soon..



Please lift in prayer for safety these loved ones of our church members who are serving in our Military...  


Jacob Adams US Army- (Deployed)

grandson Chris Adams    

Craig Carlson, (pilot) US Air Force

son Harold & Carrie Carlson

Matthew Chadwick US Army – (States)

son Lester &  JoEllyn Chadwick


Michael Showalter Marines, (States) 

grandson Wayne & Shirley Kirkham

Matthew Rompca Air Force

nephew Shirley & Wayne Kirkham


Katelyn Williamson U S Marines (States) 

Daughter of Al and grand daughter 

of Jim Williamson.

Garrett Obenchain son of

Jeremy & Stephanie Obenchain, 

grandson of Art & Rose Lenig Air Force Reserves  

  ​Thank You Lord for good results from tests, and for recoveries from various health issues & procedures… You Are So Good!  

 We have a some very special people in our church family that are struggling with various health concerns who wish to not be named. Please keep their UNSPOKEN REQUESTS lifted in prayer, as God knows who each of them are and what it is they need. Give them strength Oh Lord, to deal with whatever their struggle… Let them feel your arms embracing them with your warm, wonderful, love.. Bless them with your Peace.  Thank You, God…  

 Peace for our country, wisdom to all our government leaders, 

protection of Israel.... 


Jesus stretched out His loving hands and welcomed these friends & family members onto the shore of heaven… 

Now at rest in Jesus' loving arms......



 RIP  Doug McNabb, (Dec. 8, 2019)  father of Jennifer Casper, friend of Pastor JoEllyn & Salem Chapel secretary) 


11-21-2019 Bob Lenters brother of Ann Riedstra


10/9/2019 Charles VanSchoyck, husband Sharon father of Steve/Kayla Vogel


10/7/2019 Brian Bradshaw- grandson-in-law 

Arthur & Rose Lenig



10/3/2019 Barbara Bealor– reunited with her love, Clifford & son Raymond.. Mother of Paul/Barbara, Tim/Connie, Joan/Dan




9/23/19 Betty McIntyre – reunited with her love, Richard… Mother of Susan (Craig) Anderson and Michael (Pam) McIntyre… 


9/18/19 Donna L. Brown – reunited with her life love, Al.. Sister of Mary Kessler, Aunt of Pam Pask.. 

RIP :  

9/8/19 Flo  Shirl Sater's Sister  


9/2/19 Otto Theime

Scott Thieme/Karen Uncle 


  8/31/19 Warren Harris,  Mike / Deb Harris brother



8/28-2019 Kathy Heminger  cousin 

Bobette & Jeff Elkins  


7/17/2019 Phillip Hemminger cousin of Bobette & Jeff Elkins


7/15/2019 Betty Schimmel sister Jeff/Bobette Elkins


June 29, 2019 David B. Wasielewski , grandson of Iva Wasielewski, Our Heartfelt sympathies to the Family. 


6-29-2019 Bonnie Barning,

Our Heartfelt sympathies to the family.

mother of Carrie/Harold Carlson,

passed away

Three of our long-time Church family were called home in early 2019  and are now at 

Rest in the Arms of Jesus..


Duane F. Williamson   2-22-2019

long time member

Elizabeth "Betty" Corbin 2-11-2019

Mother Linda/Steve Everingham

Barbara Joann Nickerson 2-23-2019

Mother Terry/Joann Nickerson

On the sands of time you have

left your footprints with glory

Everyone will know your name

and shall recall your story..

Rest In Peace our Friends

We will miss you..


A Remembrance Tribute for Jonathon & Angela Tucker 

who perished in a house fire 17 years ago (July 17, 2002)

children of Pam Dixon & grandchildren of Myrna Everill

was held at the church Saturday, July 20, 2019..

Please keep Pam, Myrna, Lisa & all family lifted in prayer..